In the lead-up to our symposium on Security Council Reform in 2019, CUNCR is partnering with other major NGOs working on this topic to hold a preparatory conference and determine the agenda and direction of next year's event.

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United Nations Security Council Reform

Core Group Meeting Agenda
23-24 October 2018

PLENARY 1: Simultaneously held in NYC and BXL
NYC: Oct 23 9:30-12:30, BXL: Oct 23 15:30-18:30

Participating Organization Introduction, Participant Introduction


Academic presentation on Security Council Reform

Select topics (see below)
List of Topics (to be expanded upon prior to the meeting and then shortlisted during plenary)

  • Responsibility to Protect and non-interference of internal affairs: a good balance?
  • The Security Council as the World’s Judiciary
  • Legislative functions of the SC: A World Government?
  • Maintaining international peace and security: how much has succeeded or failed?
  • Admission of unrecognized state entities (Palestine, Kosovo, Taiwan, South Ossetia)
  • Non-conflict security issues: expansion of SC powers?
  • Territorial Administration
  • Relations between UNGA and UNSC (from United for Peace to present)
  • UNSC involvement in secretary-general and ICJ elections
  • Veto power: how much misuse and abuse?
  • The relevance of a 1945 SC to today’s geopolitics
  • Relations with ICJ and ICC: effective interaction?
  • Nuclear disarmament: acceptable for the P-5?
  • UNSC role in conflict and migration

Shortlist of proposals for SC Reform

Discussion of call for papers

Symposium – setting the agenda

WORKSHOP: Non-Simultaneously held in NYC and BXL
NYC: 14:00-17:00 (Oct 23), BXL: 9:30-12:30 (Oct 24)

Discuss topics and create shortlist

Discuss solutions and create shortlist

Creating a framework for the call for papers

Details for symposium agenda

PLENARY 2: Simultaneously held in NYC and BXL
NYC: Oct 24 9:30-12:30, BXL: Oct 24 15:30-18:30

  • Report from a rapporteur from each workshop
  • Reconciliation of the two workshop outcomes
  • Final setting of the symposium agenda
  • Selection of date and venue for symposium
  • Election of steering committee
  • Election of symposium convener

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